EastEnders fans 'work out' Reiss Colwell's killer secret as he grows jealous over Sonia

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Sonia Fowler (played by Natalie Cassidy) has been unlucky-in-love in EastEnders over the years and it seemed her luck hadn’t changed when she spent the night with Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) only for him to ignore her. However, oblivious Sonia isn’t aware that the newcomer has had a change of heart.

In next week’s episodes, Reiss is still jealous of Sonia’s new free-spirited lodger. 

Jed made a huge impact when he arrived in Walford this week and instantly upset Sonia with his questionable living habits. 

However, she begins to wonder if she judged too quickly when he becomes an instant success with her neighbours.

Jed gets the residents of Walford on side when he sets up a community text group.

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Reiss heads to Sonia’s house to confront the situation head on.

However, he’s shocked by what he sees and quickly leaves.

Sonia joins Reiss at The Vic and reassures him that recent events are not what they might seem. 

The green-eyed monster takes over and Reiss encourages Sonia to find a new lodger. 

EastEnders: Fans suspect Reiss Colwell may be hiding a killer secret (Image: BBC)

EastEnders: Reiss Colwell is jealous of Sonia Fowler's new lodger (Image: BBC)

EastEnders: Sonia Fowler is having problems with her new lodger Jed (Image: BBC)

Sonia struggles to find the right moment to let Jed know it’s time for him to leave. 

Seizing an opportunity, Reiss ranges to find a way to evict Jed from Sonia’s home.

The nurse is touched by his support but will their friendship lead to anything romantic?

Reiss recently returned to Walford to help Sonia keep Dot’s house after she was served with a huge inheritance tax bill. 

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Although it’s clear to EastEnders fans that Reiss has feelings for Sonia, some fear he may have ulterior motives that could leave the stalwart in danger.

Realseanslater tweeted: “Wonder if Reiss will be a serial killer, he might kill off a huge character like honey or Ben Mitchell or someone, even Karen Taylor maybe? Would be interesting to see. Obviously he wouldnt be like Gray though #EastEnders. (sic)

SammitcheIl agreed: “Either we’ve got good intuition or Eastenders has just made us all paranoid asf bc what is Reiss actually turns into a serial killer - starting with Jed.” (sic) 

Sukistraken remarked: “Reiss is gonna murder Jed omg hurry up and do it I beg #EastEnders.” 

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“No but why do I feel like Reiss is an undercover villain? #EastEnders,” Eastendersbrit questioned. 

SammiSwinton wrote: “Reiss is giving super dodgy vibes - leave Sonia alone man she's due some peace and quiet, why is it always headache, night shifts and heartbreak.. #EastEnders.”

E20Launderette suggested another theory: “I can't help but think that Reiss is there to rip Sonia off; to steal the house out from under her. If that *is* it, I sure hope he doesn't succeed. #EastEnders.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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