New Luxury Accessories Brand, Oushaba Transforms E-Waste Into Fine Jewelry Pieces

New luxury accessories brand, Oushaba, is upcycling e-waste, fusing pieces with gold and precious gems to create high-end jewelry.

Launching a 38-piece collection titled "Connection Salvaged," Oushaba creates jewelry designs that utilize e-waste with precious gems and recycled gold. WWD notes that these pieces take design notes from "ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman jewelry." The jewelry collection consists of refurbished and reimagined amalgamations of mobile phone circuit boards, USB sticks and plugs, and charging cables with sustainably-sourced diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

Each of the designs utilizes 22k yellow gold, 18k white gold or sterling silver. Looking at the history of the pieces, the jewelry items all have a retro feel, despite being a futuristic artifacts. In a statement to WWD, Oushaba co-founder Gillian Carr talked about how a lot of e-waste ends up in the landfill and that they "wanted to think about it differently, to challenge people’s ideas about what is waste, and what is a luxury." She added, "These e-waste components are really beautiful, with amazing jewel-like colors, shapes and characteristics."

Creating wearable art, Oushaba's jewelry is one-of-a-kind, sourcing e-waste from local electronics repair shops. The pieces are currently selling online at Oushaba's official website and at the brand's showroom in South Kensington.

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