Levy urged to sell Kane by former Spurs player

Former Tottenham defender Ramon Vega feels it's time to sell Harry Kane.

Kane's winner against Manchester City made him Tottenham's record goalscorer.

If no new deal is agreed in the coming months, Tottenham may decide it is in their best interests to sell the striker for huge money to fund a rebuild.

That's a call former Spurs defender Vega has urged the club to make, as he told chairman Daniel Levy to turn his focus to the future.

“He can actually walk away from Spurs now without any question and go to a potentially better platform where they can actually win medals," Vega told the BBC.

“I think now he needs to win medals and then he'll be a complete player by the end of his career.

“If I was Daniel Levy I think it's the best time now to sell him and really cash in and rebuild. Harry Kane is today, but we need to look for a future Harry Kane."

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