Liverpool hero Carragher tells fans: Don't blame FSG for this

Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher insists owners FSG aren't to blame for their season slump.

Defeat at Wolves on Saturday has the Reds languishing in mid-table.

But Carragher has little interest in blaming the club's owners for a lack of investment being the root cause of the problems Liverpool currently face.

Asked if there was a simple explanation to Liverpool's recent results, he said on Sky Sports: "No there's not. It feels like there are so many areas that are not right with Liverpool right now. Some of them are on the pitch and some of them are off the pitch as well.

"I said this a few days ago. A lot of the supporters, I think, take the easy option. Starting with Brentford, Brighton twice and then Wolves, it's not losing to those teams, its the manner. They're probably three of the worst away defeats, not just under Klopp but in Premier League history from Liverpool. To lose so badly. They haven't just lost, they've been absolutely battered. It could have been 5-0 to Wolves yesterday. The Brighton game should have been worse. They're not just losing to these teams by the odd goal, they're getting absolutely wiped off the floor."

Turning his focus to the issues around the club's ownership, Carragher refused to single out FSG for the club's current performance issues. He said: "A lot of people are looking at the ownership. What's happening right now, I do not blame FSG one bit for that. I don't. I will now get criticised by certain sections of the supporters for being an apologist for the ownership. I've got no job at Liverpool. I don't know no (sic) owner at Liverpool. There's been no ex-players that's ever been more critical of this ownership than me, in terms of ticket prices, furloughing staff and the Super League.

"But you have to look at it properly and say this, for me, is down to the staff and the players and the recruitment team. The reason I go back to the recruitment team is that for the last four or five years, everybody has used Liverpool as a model for everybody in this country and Europe to follow. Buy cheap sell high. And people say they haven't put enough money in. But what Liverpool have been the best at is actually selling and bringing money in to allow them to go and spend £75million on a centre-back, £60million on a goalkeeper, £50-odd million on Naby Keita. But right now, they've got to the end of last season and the staff - there was money there for a midfield player.

"They tried to buy the lad who went to Real Madrid (Aurelien Tchouameni) so there was £60-£70million there for a midfield player. They couldn't get him and Jurgen Klopp and his staff, or the recruitment team decided 'we don't need to buy a midfielder'. That is on them. And then they've got to this season and from day one against Fulham, they haven't been able to cope with the intensity of a Premier League game of football and they've just been absolutely ran over in every Premier League game that they've played, virtually."

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