Every year skilled marketing specialists are trying to guess or predict the most popular tendencies in advertising. Advertising is an ever-changing fi
8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020
8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020
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8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020

Every year skilled marketing specialists are trying to guess or predict the most popular tendencies in advertising. Advertising is an ever-changing field; thus, if you know what's going to be trending in the future, you can develop and promote your agenda in the most effective way.

The field of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also changing with the flow of time. A wise Google AdWords expert has to track the field’s development to get a bigger profit out of it. The core of advancement here is the technology that is developing faster than we've anticipated.

Last year automation affected PPC substantially. Taking into account the technological improvements, it is up to you: either you can put your feet up and simply observe the changes, or there is an option to check all the innovations right now and to put them to your service. After all, the most effective Google AdWords agency never catches trends but defines them. And in order to achieve it, you have to track technological progress.

Cutting a long story short, let's have a look at 8 the most notable PPC trends to come in 2020 and try to figure out how to make the most of them.

Global PPC automation

One of the most critical concepts in PPC is to figure out how to use the tool as effectively as possible. It can be achieved by relying on machines more and more. Nowadays software may easily handle lots of repetitive tasks. Management and optimization of PPC campaigns were always one of the biggest time consumers. Luckily now we have the possibility to transfer this work to software almost completely.

For instance, Google Ads recently offered marketers a number of fully automated tools for managing PPC. Among them, there are smart shopping campaigns, dynamic search ads, and some more. Currently, the tool can even fully manage advertising campaigns without direct human control. According to the experts from Adwords Agentur, the introduction of such machine control can significantly increase the number of clicks.

Nevertheless, total automation doesn't mean that people will eventually give full control to machines. You still need the expertise to optimize budgets and bids, create marketing lists, and set different PPC key tasks. Global automation is about transferring routine business from humans to software, while skilled Google AdWords specialists will define their global strategy. As a matter of fact, automating PPC will make it way more effective in the near future.

Eventual CPC growth

The previous paragraph is merely one of many reasons for the inevitable growth of cost per click (CPC) in 2020. Organic results on search engine results pages have been declining due to the budget increase of the biggest brands. The more you invest, the higher your brand appears on SERPs. And while huge corporations can invest vast amounts of money for self-promotion, it seems that the CPC rate will grow exponentially.

Of course, not every business today can spend as much money on advertising as, for example, Apple does. It is nearly impossible to compete with big brands in the field of budgets, so a capable Google AdWords specialist will look for new opportunities in advertising. It includes using AI to predict new models of delivering relevant messages.

Experts suggest getting ready either for looking for missed organic spaces on search engine results pages, or attracting a third-party skilled agency – like AdPoint GmbH – to resolve this issue. But eventually, the key to resolving such an uneasy situation lies in data science, machine learning, and further development of AI and its implementation into marketing. Speaking of which...

AI will become really essential

The general number of issues that can be resolved using AI and machine learning technologies has been growing. At the same time, AI is becoming more accessible. It means that any Google Ads agency can start exploiting the advantages it provides. For example, we can already build personal algorithms for automation of specific tasks. 

Yet, by using up-to-date AI, marketers may include specific requirements for their advertising goals. In case your business depends on some ever changing elements, like weather, fashion, or sports results – today's specialist may add this to the algorithms. It looks like 2020 will be the easiest year for adjusting your PPC messages to deliver them to the most specific audience.

But there is even more. Machine learning protocols will help marketing specialists to allocate new pressure points that will bring even more traffic. This would be achieved due to incomparable analytical capabilities inaccessible to a human. With the help of AI, you'll know for sure the click-through-rate and detect the best possible messages. Starting from 2020, Google experts will receive an unprecedented level of conversion prediction.

Shift in PPC platform selection 

Facing the inevitable rise of CPC rate and getting advanced AI at their disposal, marketing specialists and even Google agency will eventually be choosing platforms more meticulously. The time when your hired Google AdWords expert puts a PPC advertisement literally everywhere – you know, just in case – is coming to an end. This strategy will do more harm, including breaking a hole in a company's budget.

Google is constantly developing new channels for advertising. Amazon Ads have become a great platform for those who work in retail and, what is more important, an influential alternative to Google. Widely spread Waze navigator offers new great opportunities for businesses targeted on drivers, showing the nearest points of interest while a car is moving. Finally, do not forget to consider Quora Ads, which has turned into a podium to those who want to work in the B2B segment.

On the other hand, such a time-tested advertising platform as Facebook is losing its popularity due to the attempts to reduce the number of advertising messages in its news feed. It means that brands will look for other options, like Instagram. Anyway, the overall diversification of platforms will finally open new opportunities for PPC. Constant competition and search for new opportunities will positively affect the whole marketing picture.

Video advertising is gaining more popularity

With budgets limited, quality of content will play a much more important role than usual. A leading position here takes witty videos, particularly speaking of mobile devices. According to several analytics from a number of different digital agencies, including AdPoint, an average user will spend even more time in 2020, watching videos. Specifically, projected growth is 88% more than in 2019. It's not surprising because videos are a great way to show all the values of the product to a potential customer, doing it in a smart or a funny way. No wonder video will rule the market in 2020.

Tracking the current trends, we can surely speak of a giant leap of short video's popularity. Per today, 81% of businesses use videos to promote their agenda, and the percent will grow. As a result, In 2019, Google introduced a special tool for creating short videos for marketing purposes. Its distinctive feature is that the tool doesn't require any specific skills to create one 6-second video. A created clip can be displayed on YouTube.

With this tool, more businesses get an opportunity to cover this area of the advertising field. The risk is that in the not so distant future we will drown in gazillions of pointless clips, although this is a new challenge for content departments. The ubiquitous usage of short videos will demand the development of a new exciting scenario approach. Thus, we can guarantee the growth of videos in 2020, although no Google Ads agency can predict the further development of the content itself.

Responsive search in Google

One more noteworthy trend which, with a high probability, can demonstrate its development in 2020 is a sensitive search ads tool. Launched by Google in 2019 as a part of Google Ads, it provides Google AdWords specialists with an opportunity to adapt the message to their specific target audience. The responsive search tool automatically combines one of the fifteen headlines with one of four descriptions. It helps a marketer to figure out the most effective combination without a necessity to continually work on new messages. Also, it automatically adjusts the content to the specific device.

According to preliminary results, the implementation of a responsive search has already increased the advertisement's performance several times, generating more clicks and raising the conversion rate. Being such a handy tool, it is undoubtedly will become even more popular in 2020. Specialists praise the responsive search because it removes a need for hiring additional copywriters or another Google AdWords expert. The obsolete advertising message will be recompiled in order to be as effective as possible. What's better – it will be recompiled without human involvement.

It is interesting to note that general implementation of responsive search will create demand for a brand new digital marketing specialist. It is simply not enough to perform routine procedures, because en masse they will be transferred to machines. Instead, a new PPC specialist will be required to combine technical skills with a creative personality, who is able to create catchy headers and work with neural networks.

Brand awareness and safety

It looks like in 2020, PPC marketers will face a new challenge. Brand awareness is moving to the next level. It is essential that potential customers were not only aware of the brand but embraced it with critical response. The increase of customer loyalty, the importance of feedback, and general affection to a specific brand are becoming a significant part of marketing strategy once again. Although, not just awareness that matters, but also a brand's safety.

And by "safety," we mean that Google experts must ensure that the message does not consist of extreme or sensitive content. The world has changed dramatically; thus, marketers have to study their customers once again – from scratch. People are tending to stop caring about things that were important in 2005 while developing new interests and affinities. Brand associations should be rethought and adjusted to new challenges.

Customer engagement is key to everything in 2020. The important lesson to learn is that those good old messages might have lost their appeal. Try to remember the last time you read an ad longer than 200 symbols? No one has time for that, so basically, it is wise to reconsider a general approach to ads and the message it contains.

Consumers expectations evolution

Speaking of PPC trends, we should not forget about consumers' expectations, which will also be developing in 2020. Living in an over-saturated informational environment, people have constant access to the Web. It means that almost every second consumers receive new messages and don't have enough time to process all of them. Moreover, people these days become quite specific and use wordy search queries. Consequently, they expect to get precise search results.

And, according to the trends, it looks like the answer to this new challenge is to provide customers with particular landing pages. Creating several different landings for the most popular specific search queries is becoming a valuable PPC trend quite fast. It helps you to redirect customers to the page with content that is exactly what they have been looking for. Oddly enough, it makes people even happier, making them treat a brand with increasing loyalty. Adding a specific word to a landing page will generally increase users' engagement and a conversion rate up to 25%.

The key to success here is people's nature at first. Users will more likely take action at the page containing the data relevant to their search. The best approach here is simple – you should avoid too complicated paths and provide people with what they want, because people want to get specific things without hard work. Finally, if your ads and landing pages are aligned with your users' search queries, you'll enjoy the lower price for the click.


We've tried to cover the most prominent PPC trends to come in 2020. Undoubtedly they will change a general approach to marketing, making the ads even more specific and targeted. The relevance has never been so important before, and it is because people are expecting special attention to their needs.

2020, with a high probability, will also be a good year for experiments and research for new ways and decisions. Marketing is continuously evolving. Thus while keeping an eye on new ideas and accessible concepts, don’t follow them mindlessly, rather adjust them to your needs while implementing.

Aware of a trend we haven't covered in this article? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the most convenient way.

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8 Big PPC Anticipated Trends in 2020