Exams are administered to students in order to check their progress. However, most of the exams given to students are not standardized, and this may l

Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway

Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway

Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway

Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway

Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway
Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway
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Exams are administered to students in order to check their progress. However, most of the exams given to students are not standardized, and this may lead to the generation of misleading results. These wrong results mislead students, teachers, and parents. The introduction of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) standardized test has revolutionized the whole exam system in a major way. Through the SBAC test, quality results are achieved making the progress of the students to be determined correctly. It is important as it helps students know how they are progressing towards college and their career readiness.

SBAC, a standardized exam consortium, has been adopted by several states and it ensures consistency of educational standards across these states. SBAC tests are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in English language Arts and Mathematics. The consortium was created in 2010 and tests designed and provided by Amplify technology.  Amplify technology is based on digital technology. It has adopted an essay scoring method that is automatic.

In conjunction with PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for the Colleges and Careers), the consortium’s main aim is to be at the forefront in providing this test administered in multiple states.

SBAC tests are administered in grades three, eight and eleven. These tests are mostly administered at the end of the school year to assess academic progress. 

What are the advantages of SBAC tests?

  • SBAC checks for student’s progress.

  • Through SBAC tests, teachers, parents, and students are able to know what works and what doesn’t work.

  • SBAC tests help administrators identify areas that need to be improved. 

  • SBAC tests can be used to hold teachers accountable for the failure or success of students.

  • Students through the SBAC test, tend to know how they progress towards college and career readiness. 

  • As a student, you are assured of quality results that will show what you are able to do and what you are not.

  • As a parent, you know that your child’s classes are focused on learning and not on testing.

  • You also know whether your child’s school performs as expected through the SBAC results.

Do you want to pass the SBAC test? This is how:

  • Know the exam objectives

  • Gather the recommended revision materials

  • Take time to prepare

  • Create a study plan

  • Read the questions carefully

  • Don’t panic during the exam

Tips for passing SBAC certification exam

  • Research about the exam 

If you want to pass an SBAC test you should know what the exam covers. Knowing the exam topics helps you study on relevant topics while making sure that you cover each topic in greater depth.

  • Use past exam questions

This is one of the best revision methods. Practicing with past exam questions, popularly known as practice tests, helps you know what to expect in the actual exam. Through practice questions, you identify your weak areas and, therefore, get an opportunity to work on them more as you find a better approach that suits you. Using practice tests also helps you to know how to manage your time and use the allocated amount of time effectively.


  • Join other students studying for the same test 

Discussion groups help a lot in SBAC exam preparation. This is because you get to understand the exam topics better. Through sharing, you also identify topics you have not yet covered hence get a chance to revise on them. 

  • Eat healthy foods during the exam preparation period

Healthy foods help boost your brain. It makes you alert and energetic all the time.

  • Relax the night before the exam 

It is advisable not to study the night before the exam so that you can wake up with a fresh mind to tackle the exam. You should instead watch your favorite TV show or play your favorite games. You should also sleep early the night before the exam to be able to wake early on the morning of the exam so that you can have some ample time to prepare.

What top skills are required for SBAC practice success?

There are five top skills for SBAC practice success. These are:

  • Comfort tackling Technology-Enhanced questions 

SBAC test requires you to use the computer mouse to perform some tech-specific actions like drag and drop. Knowing this, therefore, helps you tackle the exam with ease and also save time.

  • Typing and keyboard skills

All exam sections require you to use the keyboard to type in the answers. In this case, it is important to familiarize yourself with the keyboard numbers and letters.

  • Experience with nonfiction and informational texts

It is important to be able to understand both nonfictional and informational texts because this can add up to 45% -55% of the reading based questions in SBAC. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the device to use during the exam

In order to have a smooth exam time, you need to practice doing a test on the device you are supposed to use during the exam to avoid anything that may slow you down or that can lead you to fail your exam.

  • Stamina to complete the test

Some SBAC exam sections can go beyond one hour. It is, therefore, advisable to practice working in front of a computer for a long period of time to help build stamina. 

 Top web resources for SBAC exam preparation

In order to be well-prepared one is advised to train as many practice tests and training tests as possible. Practice tests are the tests of the previous year and training tests are similar to the exam questions. Try to practice the test as many times as possible. And for sure, that you are on the right path, visit the official website of Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium to train the test, and then find the optional web resources.

 Are SBACexam dumps helpful?

What are the exam dumps? Exam dumps are past questions and answers uploaded by students who have successfully done the exam before. The exam dumps help in exam preparation in a great way because they familiarize you with the exam structure. You will know what to expect in the actual test as well as identify your weak areas. However, you should not cram the questions and answers in the exam dumps because in most cases each exam comes with different questions.

Without any form of doubt, SBAC test is one of the tests that is very beneficial to parents, students, and teachers. SBAC test has improved the education system since its introduction by helping teachers identify the areas that need improvement. In addition, it gave them the chance to work on them better. Due to the test, students also get to know their college readiness and what career suits them. SBAC is, therefore, the test to consider if you want to improve your school performance, for students, it’s the indicator of their results and college performance, and for a teachers-the method to   identify what works and what does not.

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Details You Should Know about SBAC Test with PrepAway


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