2020 is going to be a big year for online marketing, just like every other year. It marks a big turn in the ongoing evolution of web and mobile market

Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight

Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight

Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight

Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight

Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight
Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight
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2020 is going to be a big year for online marketing, just like every other year. It marks a big turn in the ongoing evolution of web and mobile marketing, with more tools available to marketers than ever before. It's a great time to market a business, with endless possibilities on mobile platforms, video game networks, web-based browsers, and so much more. If you're an owner, here are some of the marketing avenues that will be hot in 2020.

Live Video Streaming

Imagine being able to connect to your audience on a real-time basis. They can see your products and services explained in an entertaining way whenever they want to get in on the "insider" look at what you do. You can create engaging, fascinating content live, letting your loyal customers feel like they're a part of something special. Marketing in real time is an exciting possibility, and it's one possibility that is already coming true for so many businesses. As 2020 ushers us in, this form of live video streaming will be a bigger part of marketing strategies for businesses.

Next-Generation Search Engine Optmization

When it comes to online marketing trends, nothing changes quite as fast as search engine optimization. In the old days, just having keywords on the page was enough to bring in some traffic. Now, it's highly specialized. As search engines cater to specific searches and learn more about removing irrelevant info from the screen, it'll be a huge part of your marketing strategy to hone in on these new SEO trends.

Voice-powered Search Assistants

Users can now search for information by voice. That's an exciting possibility that few marketers have tapped into and a rich source for leads. People buy devices that they can communicate with solely by asking questions, and this gives marketers a brand new way to connect with customers. Searches on the web are sometimes done on the web by voice as well. As this new technology is perfected, your marketing opportunities will skyrocket.

AI Programs

Artificial intelligence in the Internet era hasn't always been successful. Chatbots and other AI haven't always done the most effective job. That's changing here in the last couple of years as people have become better at AI and its technology. Your marketing strategy will at some point probably involve some kind of AI program that helps to make your business better. Learning more about it now while the trend is fresh is a great idea.

Micro-influencer Marketing

We already know that many companies are using big time influencers to drive business to them. And that's a great strategy. Micro-influencers are going to make a big splash in 2020 and beyond as well. Popular social media accounts that have 10,000 or fewer followers might not have millions of people checking to see what they're eating today, but they have their own niche followers and potentially all of those followers may be your prime demographic to reach. For example, if you sell candy, and there's an influencer with around 8,000-10,000 followers that are known candy lovers, that might just be a great place to market. Marketing is not always about how many people you reach, but about how many of those people are interested in your product. For example, marketing on a video game influencer's social media site might sound like a great idea, unless your business sells caskets. Marketing on a smaller influencer's site is going to be more profitable than marketing to a larger influencer's social media page if they're the wrong target for what you sell.

All of these things will make big marketing news in 2020, but you can also branch out and learn how to combine some of these areas of marketing. For example, AI certainly overlaps with voice search. There are so many ways that the newest technologies are combining together to give businesses more choices than ever before as to what to kind of marketing strategy they want to have going forward.

Any business owner would be wise to learn about some of these strategies and implement them into their overall strategy. There may be some that don't appeal to you or that wouldn't be wise for your particular industry. And that's okay. The great thing about marketing strategies is that they're supposed to pinpoint the things that work and leave out the things that aren't right. All of these trends probably won't be right for your particular business, but chances are if you're in business in 2020, you're going to use at least one of these marketing tools to grab more customers for your business and engage more with your customers. They're there to be used as they're needed and neglected when they're not. Going forward, all of these technologies will play a big role in how business marketing evolves from this point.

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Online marketing trends in 2020 - An insight


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