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By: 11 months ago

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Good Morning.

Dear friends I wish you a good morning.
And it's also a good day.
I will tell you something about tomorrow because that breaks the day.
But first eat something and forget that dream from last night.
Delicious coffee for settling that long night.
For come to think and devise of new plans.
Then after going shopping for look new things that let the heart beat faster.

By taxi to go anywhere touring and that You will perform.
At a restaurant came to ordering food from your dream.
Finished eating and then forget the dessert.
Back in the taxi and then to the zoo.
Many looked and walked around to the snakes and crocodiles.
Where all the girls scream and all goes shudder.
But they want to experience and see the real thing, but can not stand.
When they see the animals move they dare not to move.
Afraid they lose their leg and that not want to choose.
I walk very quickly again and mosey
Outside arrived while I walked a little with a dream I saw a taxi stand.
I waved my hand and there he arrived, the door opened and I stepped into.
Told the driver where I wanted to go and he drove there.
Once there I paid my ride and was shocked by the price.
He looked like a fool, how could he now say this price.
Had I understood him very well ?
I ask him again how you come to that amount ?
Whereupon he told me that he did not know, and I really do not lie.
And you have not cheated, it's the meter in the car, which let you pay.
My boss who must enter the price and also want stirring in that big pot .
So how it works in our life everyone needs a little more to give.
Pay him and got to laugh, because I can not understand it.
What do they want to achieve here with bad things.
They do not understand that this is not going to last long and the police is to peek.
To people who like working and life limiting with those prices.
They do it only to prove and action after from the police.
And then the taxi people no longer carry.
And will be placed to the chains, that is real life ?
Ben arrived at the film and see the movie of my life, what a luck.
My day can not go wrong and wanted to tell you about tomorrow.
But it's already late and am tired of all things from today.
So I wish you a great day with lots of love and a good story.
Tomorrow I'll be back with the same smile and a new text.
Hope I can be your pleasure, because I'm real.

I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen