Are you one of those parents who think playing with toys is a waste of time for your children? Do you think taking more academic or educational

The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood

The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood

The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood

The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood

The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood
The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood
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Are you one of those parents who think playing with toys is a waste of time for your children? Do you think taking more academic or educational routes would be wiser for your child?

Well, you are wrong. Research shows that the more time kids spend on playing, regardless of their age (toddler, pre-school or teenager), they do better in coping with the world.

Kids not only get a break from daily life through play, but they also develop the essential abilities required to solve problems and develop creative expressions.

The list of benefits can go on forever, so here is a small list of advantages the act of play can bring to a child’s life:

1. Connecting with the World

Babies start to play as soon as they are born. They play with their clothes, their bottles, their parents and practically with everyone! This is how they establish connections with the world around them.

They learn to understand the shape of their arms and the faces of their mothers. They form a basic picture of how food should look like.

Later in their development, they remember all these details about the color of the curtains, the size of the bed and everything they can remember to form their personal schema.

2. Bonding with Parents

The best way for parents and children to bond is through playtime. Playing with kids is a great way to show to you love them and enjoy spending time with them.

While playing, kids display their own personalities through words or actions, which help their parents understand them better.

It is recommended that parents play with children even when they get older. Being attentive and playful towards your child enhances your relationship to a deeper level.

3. Teaching Them Morals

Role-playing with dolls or building blocks with children can teach them certain morals. Like understanding social dynamism, behaving with others and perseverance even through times of confusion and frustration.

Games such as Hide-and-Seek and soccer encourage children to develop teamwork and collaboration. Meanwhile, games such as hockey and basketball teach them about competition and how to overcome obstacles.

Video games are well known for helping kids build strategies constructively and creatively. Common strategy games are Clash of Clans and Forge of Empires teach them about organization and execution.

4. Educating Them Creatively

Modern games are all online based. Some people may find that to be overwhelming considering the damage electronics have on their kid’s health. However, video games are not all so bad when it comes to providing education.

Kids learn counting, algebra, puzzle solving, word formation, grammar correction while developing their vocabulary about certain fields through online gaming platforms.

5. Developing Their Psyches

Pre-schoolers need a different dynamism of games to develop their understanding of the world. They need play time to influence friendship and healthy competition.

Riddles, jokes and adventure stories excite them and also help them understand that the world does not have to be so serious and complicated. When they learn to play board games such as Snakes and Ladder and card games such as Go Fish, they learn about attention and reasoning.

Playtime gives them the opportunity to form the difference between reality and television, why something happened and why not, curiosity, comparison, and other psychological developments.

6. Bonding with Animals

This is a crucial element in child development that a lot of people overlook. Having pets is great. But having your kids play with pets is way better.

Animals are simple creatures who are not as pessimistic as humans. In other words, they have pure hearts.

Letting your children play with cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles or birds make them more empathetic. You will start believing in love when you see two such different species bond so well together.

Children learn to appreciate nature by co-existing with its other inhabitants. They will learn to love, nurture and support other beings on earth instead of killing them for survival.

7. Preparing for the Future

Everything children learn during play time, they incorporate them in their adult life. Essential skills play a great role in determining the area of the profession they will be working in the near future.

Through playing with toys of their choices, they realize what they are most interested in. This is how they find their hobbies. Upon discovery of what their hearts want, they figure out who they want to become.

Goal setting is a gradual learning skill developed in childhood. You can not underestimate the importance of age-appropriate toys anymore now that you know how vital it is in determining their course of ambitions.

8. Maintaining Their Well-being

We have read enough about external developments in children through toy playing. Now it is time to recognize its role in maintaining children’s health.

How do you think children feel when their mommies and daddies are fighting? Not so good, obviously. Their sensitive psyches need to stay away from adult dramas at all cost. They are too young for this!

Playing with toys can ease their minds and direct their attention to something joyful, instead of something disturbing like hostility. Additionally, when they are not feeling well emotionally or physically, playtime can help them get better in no time!

This strategy is not only applicable to young kids, but it is also an effective tool for dealing with young adult depression and stress. According to a popular claim, a large percentage of the population suffer from mental diseases due to overburdened academic and professional expectations.

There is no point in being a high-achieving student if he or she has to start the day with psychotic medication. Come on, even adults play for entertainment! They play pool, golf, soccer, tennis and so on. Plus, they even go out with their friends, party and what not!


It is impossible to live without entertainment for a child or for an adult – that I made obvious here. Preparing for a reputable college is awesome.

Preparing for the best desk job out there is even better. But, not at the expense of our physical and mental health.

So, instead of feeling embarrassed about playtime no matter the age you are in, just dive in, bask in within all its glory. You Only Live Once!


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The Benefits Of Play With Toys In Childhood


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