Many people today use purifier because they can drink clean water that is free from any type ofcontaminants. Through the process of boiling, all the g

Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier

Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier

Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier

Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier

Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier
Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier
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Many people today use purifier because they can drink clean water that is free from any type of
contaminants. Through the process of boiling, all the germs cannot be killed. Even by distilling water,
some of the solid suspenders or other contaminants cannot be removed. So, many people install
purifiers at home. Impure water can make a person ill.

Purifiers and its chambers

The purifiers comprise of several chambers to filter the germs, contaminants, solid suspending particles
and other substances that are harmful to mankind. They can drink pure water by just pressing the valve
and turning the tap. Inlet and outlet pipes are also attached to the purifiers. The water from the tap
enters through the inlet pipe and it enters various chambers for filtration. Then, the impure water is drained
from the outlet pipe.

The purifier consists of centrifuge that separates two different types of liquids of different densities.
Impure water consists of oil that should be first extracted from the water. So, the centrifuge separates
these two liquids by the process of filtration. The dam ring or gravity disc that is installed in the purifier
and it creates an interface between water and oil. Centrifuge also removes the fine particles present in
the soil. The paring disc converts the rotating energy of the water into the pressure head. Then the RO
members and cabinets remove the contaminants from the water such as solid suspenders, muddy
particles, acids, salts, etc. By the process of steam jetting, the blowing steam and the carbon content is
trapped on the filter. When the blind disc is opened at the bottom, then the water outlet is blocked and
the inlet line is sealed.

But, sometimes, the purifier should be repaired or some of the parts should be replaced. Due to
constant usage, the parts of the purifier become obsolete and worn-out. So, some of the parts can be
repaired, but some of the parts cannot be repaired. So, they should be replaced so that the purifier can
function properly.

When purifier is damaged

The parts or components get damaged or worn-out due to various reasons. The gears may become
worn-out due to constant usage. The speed of the motor sometimes becomes very slow or very fast.
Sometimes, the water overflows due to different reasons such as low fuel-oil temperature, sludge
formation in the bowl, bowl rotation at low speed, sealing ring becoming worn-out. So, the following
components should be repaired. If the disc size is too large or too small, then it should be replaced
because due to improper disc size, the gravity of water cannot be regulated. If any leakage is found
anywhere, then sealants should be applied. The sealing ring can be fixed if the existing sealing ring is
damaged. If sludge is formed within the bowl, then it should be extracted and removed. Then it should
be cleaned using certain chemicals. The motor should be repaired if the water is not flowing in a proper
direction and way. Due to the single phasing, the motor may not operate properly. So, the fittings should be
replaced. If the slump oil level is higher, then the centrifuge is damaged. It should be repaired or

When the vertical and horizontal shafts are not properly aligned, then the water cannot flow speedily.
Sometimes, due to overload, the motor does not operate properly and produces abnormal sound. Some
of the repairs cannot be done by the owner. So, they should contact the service centers to fix their
problems. They should maintain Kent or service center number so that they are readily available at their
doorstep anytime. The technicians who are certified and licensed fix the problem easily. They use
various tools and equipment to fix the problem. They are well-trained, so they examine the problem
deeply and perform services. They repair some components that are damaged or worn-out. When,
some of the components such as rings, disc rings, gravity rings, seal rings cannot be repaired, they
replace these components.

Repairing the parts that are damaged

They are engaged in repairing different parts such as inline filters, UV components, booster pumps,
membranes, filter cartridges, membranes, filter housing components etc. So, when the components are
repaired or replacement quickly, then the purifier can function smoothly. If the owner of the purifier
does not repair or replace the components on time, then the parts become weak and they do not
function efficiently. Due to constant usage, the motor speed declines and hence the water does not flow
incessantly and then gradually, it does not function properly. When the filter system, centrifuge,
membranes are not repaired, then all types of contaminants cannot be effectively removed from the

The service providers provide different types of services to the customers such as installation, AMC,
repair and replacement services. The customer should avail AMC services because the parts are
inspected periodically and the purifier can always operate efficiently. Service providers usually provide
various schemes for AMC. They provide preventive services by inspecting the parts or components of the
purifier. They also check the operating speed of the motor so that the purifier operates efficiently
always. Within a year, they usually provide free replacement services of consumables also such as
activated carbon and filter system also. Also, they provide free repairs or replacement services of
exhausted parts. So the users should always contact the service center.

They are ready to repair or replace the components that are obsolete or outdated. They should always
maintain the Kent water purifier customer care number. People should preferably buy purifiers from
reputed manufacturers such as Kent, Augured, Aqua care, etc because they provide the best services and
purifiers that can filter all types of contaminants. Some of them even supply the parts or components
that can be fixed. They provide repair services for domestic and commercial use. They are also available
at the doorstep during emergency conditions. Sometimes, the purifier membrane system or filter
system may burst out or the water may start flowing continuously. So, the technicians are available at
the doorstep and they fix the problem as soon as possible by replacing the components that are

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Kent purifier services and problems of Kent purifier