Yellowstone season 6: Kevin Costner could return as John Dutton after cryptic clue

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The future of Yellowstone is still unclear following reports from the set earlier this year which allege leading man Kevin Costner has scheduling conflicts with the hit Western drama. After rumours the Paramount Network phenomenon could go on without its A-list lead, the latest comment from CEO Chris McCarthy has given fans a reason to stay cautiously optimistic.

McCarthy revealed he’s still hopeful Costner will reprise his role as John Dutton in future seasons of Yellowstone.

The Hollywood star’s future with the series has been unclear since reports last month emerged claiming he attempted to cut his filming time down to just one week for the second half of season five.

Rumours also emerged suggesting fellow A-Lister Matthew McConaughey was poised to take over, but nothing official has been settled just yet.

The Paramount boss has now said: “[Yellowstone] wouldn’t be what it is today without Kevin and we hope that that stays for a long time to come.”

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Yellowstone season 6: Kevin Costner could return as John Dutton after cryptic clue (Image: Paramount/Getty)

Yellowstone: Cole Hauser is confident there'll be at least two more seasons (Image: Paramount) READ MORE GMB star emotional as he pays tribute to 'friend' Paul O'Grady

The network clearly recognises Costner’s importance to the series, whose leading role helped Yellowstone become a worldwide hit upon its launch in 2018.

However, McCarthy was unable to offer any specifics as to their current negotiations with Costner to remain on as lead.

The series has since expanded into two spin-offs created by showrunner Taylor Sheridan, 1883 starring Sam Elliott and 1923 starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

Thankfully, the series is going nowhere just yet, as Costner is still expected to appear in the second half of season five later this year, and 1923 will return for a second and final season.

Yellowstone: Rumours claim Costner only wanted to work one more week on season five (Image: Paramount)

Yellowstone: Matthew McConaughey is rumoured to be taking over (Image: Paramount)

McCarthy’s update follows a similar statement from Paramount in which the network stated there was no official word on Costner’s exit.

“We have no news to report,” it said. “Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come.

“Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built.

“Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner.”

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Newcomer to the series Piper Perabo, who was introduced as Summer Higgins in season four, has also shut down the rumours.

“I mean, there's always a lot of drama when it comes to Yellowstone, don't believe everything you hear,” she told ET.

“Taylor Sheridan knows to play it really close to the vest, and I know better than to speak outside the ranch, but I'm excited to see what happens next.”

Plus, Rip Wheeler star Cole Hauser confirmed at least two more outings for the flagship series are in the works.

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“I can tell you there will be six and there will be a seventh, that's all I can say. That's all I can tell you,” he told ET.

Costner’s lawyer Marty Singer has also weighed in, stating: “The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of season five of Yellowstone is an absolute lie.

“It's ridiculous - and anyone suggesting it shouldn't be believed for one second.”

Yellowstone seasons 1-5 are available on the Paramount Network in the USA and Paramount+ in the UK.

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