Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson: We mustn't turn on eachother

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson feels injuries are to blame for their season problems.

He says Liverpool are missing the "personality" of their absent key players - but is at a loss to determine exactly why the Reds continue to start games so poorly.

"Football is a mental game as well," said the goalkeeper after defeat to Wolves. "You go out on to the pitch, you prepare your game, you prepare your way to play, and then the first thing you do is mistakes and concede? It doesn't help at all.

"We don't have to come here and point fingers. We have to come here and trust in ourselves and do our best. What we can do now is work hard daily to make sure things are better for us because we have quality.

"The same players who achieved great things in the last years... we are missing a few, that is a really big miss, but they are coming back hopefully in the next weeks. That will help the team with the confidence and the personality of these players.

"We have to be more smart. I don't know what we need to happen to us to start differently in games. We have already so many examples that have happened with us during the season of conceding early with mistakes from the team, not individual mistakes but from the team, and on Saturday it happened again.

"When things like that happen all the time it's so frustrating, but we have to fight against that frustration to bounce back."

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