AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli defends his tactics for derby defeat

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli defended his tactics for their derby defeat to AC Milan.

Lautaro Martinez struck for Inter in their 1-0 win.

Pioli said: “Clearly, we wanted to have a more solid attitude in defence and sat deeper. We didn't defend badly, but we also should've passed it around better and that was why we didn't manage to counter more in the first half.

“Unfortunately, we were once again unprepared on a set play, otherwise we had worked well as a team. We didn't do much attacking in the first half, but that was certainly better after the break.

“It's clear recently we had not been solid defensively, so we thought these were the right positions to take against a team like Inter. It was still not our intention to only defend, we struggled to get past their initial press, including their strikers.

“As a coach, I have a clear view of the situation. I am certain that if we had played our usual brand of football, we'd have struggled even more tonight. We have lost something from then, we were more solid today and can build on that, but also need to be more aggressive and attacking.

“This is not throwing away all the work we've achieved, it is realising there are moments when you need to take a different approach to get back to being competitive."

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