Real Madrid coach Ancelotti: Mallorca a painful defeat; I chose penalty taker

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admits they lost control of their emotions in defeat to Real Mallorca.

Marco Asensio missed a penalty as Real lost 1-0.

Ancelotti said: "It's a painful defeat in terms of the league table. It was the kind of game we expected and prepared for. It was a very tough game, with fouls, and the game was decided by small details. We didn't put in a bad performance, but the early goal and the missed penalty really affected us".

"The game itself wasn't a bad one, but it was unusual, with a lot of stoppages. We didn't stay cool-headed in the first half. We're going to the Club World Cup now and we have to focus on that.

"Kroos didn't start because he's been out injured after the Valencia game. It was better for us to not take any risks, because we already have a lot of injury problems at the moment. The same with Modrić, he played a game less than 72 hours ago and I didn't want to take any risks. The team performed well in terms of energy, especially in the second half."

On Thibaut Courtois' absence, he also said: "He had a problem in the warm-up and we changed him. I didn't allow him to play. We'll see how he is tomorrow."

Asked about the penalty, Ancelotti said: "The hesitation regarding the penalty was between Asensio and Rodrygo, but Rodrygo could have been a bit mentally affected by his mistake in the World Cup. I chose because the first taker is Benzema and then Modrić, who was on the bench. Then Kroos, who wasn't there either, and then Asensio and Rodrygo. I chose the penalty takers."

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