Barcelona goalscorer Jordi Alba delighted with victory over Sevilla: I'm here and ready

Barcelona fullback Jordi Alba was delighted after victory over Sevilla.

Alba scored one and created another for the 3-0 win.

He later said: "We are having a very good season, playing well, pressing well and making sure that the opposition don't create chances against us.

"[The lead is] eight points and although there's still a long way to go in the league, it's a very good distance."

Alba felt that the team knew how to read a game that Sevilla played very defensively: "In the first half, it was difficult to find space, because they played very tight at the back, but in the second half we understood the game better and the goals came."

He didn't want to take advantage of his extraordinary performance on his return to the starting lineup to complain about being left on the bench in the last four games.

"I'm not one to give messages," he added. "When I play, I make the most of the minutes and when I don't, I dedicate myself to encouraging and helping the youngsters to know what it means to play for this club."

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