Call The Midwife fans predict Trixie Franklin childhood trauma story as wedding looms

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returns to One this weekend and fans are excited for Trixie Franklin's (played by Helen George) wedding. She and Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix) are expected to tie the knot before the season is out as Trixie meticulously plans her big day. Viewers believe her wedding planning could bring up some harrowing childhood memories.

In the upcoming episode, Trixie is thrown into a challenging case involving an underage mother.

The character who, after a fallout with her parents, is at risk of losing her newborn baby.

Knowing she had a rough upbringing herself, this is likely to be very close to home for the nurse.

Fans believe her damaging childhood could become a central storyline within the series.

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Call the Midwife: Helen George as Trixie Franklin (Image: BBC)

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Taking to Reddit to discuss what they would like to see happen, they were keen to find out more about Trixie's past.

Hestia52 said: "From what Trixie has said in the past, her childhood was pretty bad, and her father at least was alcoholic.

"She felt that she had to try to entertain her family to keep the peace or something, so probably estranged."

Material_Corner_2038 added: "I have so many questions about Trixie’s family too.

Call the Midwife: Trixie Franklin is planning her wedding (Image: BBC)

"Except for her godmother, none of her family are mentioned in the present tense.

"I’d like to know about Trixie’s family now. In the episode where she and Matthew were meeting each other's families it was only Matthew’s family that were mentioned.

"We know she has a brother, but she speaks of her parents in the past tense. Also, how did she end up in Poplar?

"The Trixie we met in S1 would be rather surprised at where she is in S12."


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Aplantnamedmozart shared: "Since they're getting ready to marry her off, I wonder if they might address Trixie's family as well.

"Are her parents still alive? Is she estranged from them?"

None of Trixie's family have been named in the series apart from her godmother, Daphne, whom she has visited off-screen.

In the 2013 Christmas special, she revealed her father, who was a war veteran, suffered from shellshock and had appalling nightmares.

She and her mother had to take turns looking after him night and day.

The nurse also recalled how her father had an alcohol addiction, which he was in denial about.

Viewers will have to wait and see whether any of Trixie's family are still alive.

Will they be invited to her wedding? Or would Trixie rather wipe the slate clean and continue on with her new family?

Call the Midwife airs on Sundays on BBC One at 8pm.

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