Death in Paradise fans 'expose' character's plan to 'kill' Neville Parker's girlfriend

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DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) has never been lucky in love, but Death in Paradise newcomer Sophie Chambers (Chelsea Edge) seems to be ticking all the right boxes. She was reunited with Neville on Friday's episode, but things turned dark when they discovered Neville's beachfront shack had been ransacked. 

Neville eventually found his phone when Sophie called as her boat had moored on the coast of Saint Marie. 

When he answered the phone, she said: "Are you not going to come up and give me a hug then?"

Neville had a huge smile on his face and told Sophie he was on his way before he scooped her up to embrace her. 

Sophie's boss had given her permission to work remotely from the Caribbean for a month as part of a trial which was the pair's way of reuniting. 

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Is Sophie in serious danger on Death in Paradise? (Image: BBC)

Will the team work out who raided Neville's home? (Image: BBC) READ MORE Death in Paradise’s Neville Parker devastated by Sophie 'twist'

Neville was excited to welcome Sophie inside his home, but a horrible surprise was waiting for them behind the front door. 

All of Neville's belongings were scattered across the floor as the house had been turned upside down. 

"Oh my God," Sophie gasped as she looked around at the chaotic scene.

"What on earth?" Neville remarked after stepping inside. 

Neville kept losing his phone during the episode (Image: BBC)

Sophie and Neville embraced when she arrived (Image: BBC)

Ahead of the cliffhanger ending, Neville kept losing his mobile phone and was convinced someone had been playing tricks on him. 

Could this person be linked to whoever trashed Neville's home?

Death in Paradise fans took to Twitter to share their theories, with some worrying the pair could be in grave danger. 

Jess said: "Oh boy it’s going to be Robert Webb, isn’t it? He better not have hurt Harry [the lizard]! #DeathInParadise." 

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Robert Webb portrays doomsday prepper Justin West, who was enraged his wife had been charged with manslaughter.

Could Justin have been watching Neville welcome Sophie to the island from afar before breaking into his house?

@Cvssells said: "3 options. 1. It was Justin 2. It was Andrew 3. Neville is really good at making enemies and it was a completely different person." (sic)  

Jaybird suggested: "#DeathInParadise Maybe Justin West (Robert Webb) is being investigated by Neville's mate Andy... and Sophie and/or Neville gets caught in the crossfire..." (sic) 

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Louise penned: "You heard it here first... Robert Webbs' character (survivalist Justin West) will kill Neville's girlfriend Sophie..." (sic) 

Conchie replied: "Very possible. If Neville is staying on as DI, he won’t have a girlfriend, the shack has always been a bachelor pad. 

"If it’s happy ever after with Sophie then they leave together. And I think Neville is staying so it’s not rocket science!" 

However, Kasia said: "I have a feeling Andy has something to do with the break-in #DeathInParadise." 

Andrew Buckley (Kent Riley) is Neville's ex-colleague from Manchester who works in fraud.

He assisted Neville with a case during episode three of season 12 - but is he a villain?

Death in Paradise continues next Friday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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