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Wise as an Owl.

By: 9 months ago

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Wise as an Owl.


Where can we find them ?
Today, everywhere it seems.
The people are becoming wiser and more intelligent.
The youth of today can talk to about everything.
They are wiser than an adult.
Nowadays with the Internet and the new technology.
And also the possibilities of course.
Children under 10 years already have a phone.
Computer or an iPad where they can find everything in seconds.
Easy does it say , it but it's true.
The new generation has all the comforts for something to find.
What we needed before to find in books from the library.
They type it in the phone and have the answer in seconds.
I'm curious how it looks in 50 years.
If we look already in some movies, we get a small impression.
What we in the future all still going to see.
It is a big challenge to take it and to work with it.
But then I must returned to school to further develop my own.
In the modern era of products.
Internet and digital field, I am well aware but there is so much more.
But I leave that to another with a different perspective on life.
I wish you a healthy and modern life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen