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You are so important in my life.
For You I’d like to give everything.
For me there is nothing else in my mind.
I can wait any longer.
You’re always in my sight.
And that gives me great pleasure.
I want give You all my love.
Everything I’ve learned.
I feel so honored for you.
You’ve changed my life..
And the naughty things anchors are now.
I want You give me my life.
But usually it only takes a minute.
Then there happened everything around me.
And I do not know what to do anymore as before.
Oh dear where do I go now anyway.
You are constantly in my thoughts.
But where should I stay.
To You I can not go.
For I am far away from You.
But I must still out against it and find a way.
I will be working and sweating.
For all the moments to forget.
Oh, what was it still good to be in your arms.
It’s you I always think of it.
You were for me the great gift.
I can now only of your dreams.
About the time of our beautiful together.


All the Best with a good heath.
Author Jan Jansen