"Adrift" by Eric Bennett

  • About: 6 months ago

"Adrift" by Eric Bennett An expansive field of pristine snow drifts after a recent snow storm. Eric Bennett: Photos

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Layers by Jeff O'Neal- Exclusive photography
Layers by Jeff O'Neal 6 months ago
Layers by Jeff O'Neal Jeff O'Neal: Photos
Wanderer by Alesya Osadchaya- Exclusive photography
Wanderer by Alesya Osadchaya 6 months ago
Wanderer by Alesya Osadchaya Sandstorm on the Singing sand dune, national Park Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan Alesya Osadchaya: Photos
That magic light, Patagonia by Carlos Guevara V.- Exclusive photography
That magic light, Patagonia by Carlos Guevara V. 6 months ago
That magic light, Patagonia by Carlos Guevara V. That magic light in Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Chile ... Carlos Guevara V.: Photos
Fire in the Sky by Robert Postma- Exclusive photography
Fire in the Sky by Robert Postma 6 months ago
Fire in the Sky by Robert Postma An eerie and rare display of red aurora, taken after a huge solar flare unleashed a massive CME that collided with our atmosphere. I have only seen this once in the 15 years living in the Yukon. A special night! Robert Postma: Photos
Peaceful by Fahmi Bhs- Exclusive photography
Peaceful by Fahmi Bhs 6 months ago
Peaceful by Fahmi Bhs Fahmi Bhs: Photos
Lara Bingle by Patric Shaw- Exclusive photography
Lara Bingle by Patric Shaw 6 months ago
Lara Bingle by Patric Shaw Lara Bingle, Patric Shaw: Photos
Leg-rowing fisherman by Jani Uljas- Exclusive photography
Leg-rowing fisherman by Jani Uljas 6 months ago
Leg-rowing fisherman by Jani Uljas Traditional leg-rowing fisherman of Inle Lake. Shot through his fishing net. Jani Uljas: Photos
Seoul, 2015 by Ken  Shin- Exclusive photography
Seoul, 2015 by Ken Shin 6 months ago
Seoul, 2015 by Ken Shin we're all tied together Ken Shin: Photos
Been there by Simas Lin- Exclusive photography
Been there by Simas Lin 6 months ago
Been there by Simas Lin Due to a technological advances photography nowadays cannot be considered the unconditional documentation tool and photographer isn‘t anymore a necessity for it to happen. Thanks to such tools like satellites, drones, street view, etc., it‘s not even necessary to get on location to capture it. As a consequence, every landscape photograph can be considered just a senseless digital record made by someone. Despite being a visual mark, artificial lightning in landscape photography becomes a sensual link between the viewer and photographer. I wanted to visit the spookiest places in my city and convey the atmosphere of explorations through the totally different approach. Project ‘Been there’ explores the industrial periphery of Vilnius at night. A series of photos depict the intersection of time and space, which is very intriguing yet so scary for a random person to explore. The red light, creating the surreal, cinematographic plot is used to hyperbolize the senses that are triggered by those places. Vibrant light becomes a visual expression of the mental state that I was accompanied by while being there. Simas Lin: Photos
BBB by Daniil Kontorovich- Exclusive photography
BBB by Daniil Kontorovich 6 months ago
BBB by Daniil Kontorovich Daniil Kontorovich: Photos
Marinera by Ignacio Vigo- Exclusive photography
Marinera by Ignacio Vigo 6 months ago
Marinera by Ignacio Vigo Ignacio Vigo: Photos
let's dance by Stefan Radi- Exclusive photography
let's dance by Stefan Radi 6 months ago
let's dance by Stefan Radi African street Stefan Radi: Photos
Fierce Creatures by Craig  Kohlruss- Exclusive photography
Fierce Creatures by Craig Kohlruss 6 months ago
Fierce Creatures by Craig Kohlruss The Fresno band Fierce Creatures. Conceptual art for Fresno Bee entertainment section detailing the band's journey to Austin, TX for South by Southwest. FRESNO, CA 3/5/2011 CRAIG KOHLRUSS/THE FRESNO BEE Craig Kohlruss: Photos
Farewell by Sara Garzón- Exclusive photography
Farewell by Sara Garzón 6 months ago
Farewell by Sara Garzón www.facebook.com/saragarzonfotografia www.saragarzonfotografia.com IG: @saragarzonfotografia Sara Garzón: Photos
Night Out by Ran Burm- Exclusive photography
Night Out by Ran Burm 6 months ago
Night Out by Ran Burm Break dancing Circle in Leon, Nicaragua Ran Burm: Photos
Glacier hikes by Patrick Monatsberger- Exclusive photography
Glacier hikes by Patrick Monatsberger 6 months ago
Glacier hikes by Patrick Monatsberger ↟ We were hiking over pitch black volcanic ash until we reached Sólheimajökull glacier. After gearing up we climbed the glacier until we reached this spot. It was pouring and extremely windy that day but man we had a blast! Whenever you are in Iceland make sure you stop by @arcticadventures. Unforgettable experience! Thx legend @norrisniman for being such a dope guide! ↟ visit me on INSTAGRAM for more! Patrick Monatsberger: Photos