ZHU Puts an Eerie Spin on Gorillaz' "Andromeda"

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With just a week left before the release of their much anticipated album, Humanz, Gorillaz have been ramping up the promotional roll-out. First came news of a North American tour; then there was the announcement of the band's "Mixed Reality" apps, the group's first live interview and now the cartoon rockstars have started dropping remixes of the album's singles.

ZHU's remix of "Andromeda" puts an eerie, haunting spin on the D.R.A.M.-assisted single, doing away with the "Cha Cha" singer's feature and replacing it with a choir of increasingly ascending 2Ds laid over a thumping deep-house groove. The Grammy-nominated producer also sprinkled some hauntingly high-pitched vocals of his own to top things off.

Check out the remix above and be sure to check out Albarn's deep-dive into the song's meaning and '80s inspirations.

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