Monopoly's Boot Gets the Boot as Three New Tokens Make Their Debuts


Earlier this year, Monopoly decided to hold a vote to get rid of three of its iconic tokens. The results of that global purge led to the boot, wheelbarrow and thimble's demises. With March 19 being Monopoly Day, the brand introduced the replacements -- a Penguin, T-Rex and Rubber Ducky. The three winners were chosen through a worldwide vote, where fans picked their favorites out of 56 prototypes.

Games with the new tokens will hit stores this fall, but Monopoly will be issuing a special edition set which will include both the eight old tokens along with the eight new ones. This isn't the first time that Monopoly decided to shake up its roster -- back in 2013, the iron said its goodbyes in favor of a cat. Learn more about the new tokens here.

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