Insults are bad but this little kid's 'Overwatch' diss is too perfect


What's the worst possible insult you could throw at someone? Calling them a bad Overwatch player.

A parent shared the disciplinary slip that their daughter received at school for insulting a fellow student after her pencil was stolen. Instead of going with a tried-and-true insult like "doo doo head," "fart face" or "butt muncher," the student went straight for the throat and called out the perpetrator's Overwatch skills by saying they mainly play as arguably the worst character in the game, Hanzo.

My daughter got in trouble for calling a kid who stole her pencil a Hanzo main. My husband and I have been laughing for half an

— Allie (@abrekke83) March 16, 2017

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Sweet dad celebrates his two sons with a 'Calvin and Hobbes'-style tattoo

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Stephen Hawking gave a speech via hologram. Again.

Cosmologist Stephen Hawking spoke in Hong Kong on Friday — only he wasn't actually present for the speech.  The world-renowned physicist actually gave his speech live via hologram for the 90-minute lecture about his life and work. He was beamed in for his lecture from the UK.  SEE ALSO: Could mini black holes power Earth? Stephen Hawking thinks so "Hawking spoke about the human mind, societal trends and issues such as education and science and technology research and funding, as well as what the future holds in light of current affairs," according to a press release about the event. If you can believe it, this isn't the first time the famous scientist has given a speech via hologram.  Read more...More about Space, Holograms, Tech, Black Holes, and Stephen Hawking
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How MealPal plans to outlive the subscription service hype

Before she co-founded ClassPass, Mary Biggins sold subscriptions for leather-bound books.  "I love the subscription space," Biggins said in an interview on Mashable's Biz Please podcast. "From really early in my career, I've been thinking about subscription unit economics and how you acquire customers. The thing that's really cool about subscriptions is there are so many different levers to think about."  Biggins joined Mashable social media producer Tracey Edouard and me in our New York headquarters to talk about her history in the subscription space and her new venture, MealPal.  MealPal, which lets customers pay a set monthly fee to pick up weekday lunches from participating restaurants, is growing. The startup just went international with a launch in London and raised another $15 million in venture funding. And even as the subscription space gets more crowded, and startups struggle to make as much of a mark as the boutique fitness subscription service ClassPass once did, Biggins says MealPal is built to last.  Read more...More about Subscription Services, Mary Biggins, Mealpal, Mealpass, and Biz Please
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