16 Things Only People Who Love Reading Novels Will Understand

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Are you a novel lover?

Novels are fun but as a book lover, I know that not everyone has the patience to read them.  But if you are part of the reading gang, there are things only you and fellow book lovers can understand. Here they are.

1. You hate it when people borrow your novels then fail to return them.

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2. And so you’ve blacklisted people who your books aren’t allowed within ten feet of them.

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3. You love that tantalising smell of a new book.

Thumps up for that

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4. You’ve mastered the sport of reading while eating or walking at the same time with minimal casualties.

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5. You fell bad when you’re halfway through a book and realize it’s horrible.

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6. You’re one of the easiest people to buy gifts for because all you want are books. All the books.

love gifts



7. You look forward to free days as the perfect occasion to curl up and read.



8. Sometimes you promise yourself that you’ll only read one more page and then stay up all night to finish the book.

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9. You’ve hooked up with people of the opposite sex just because they loved books too.

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10. You need a few days to recover from a truly fantastic book.

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11. Keeping your notebook close by when you’re reading so you can jot down inspiring quotes.

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12. You have referred to books in real life situations while talking to people (and got weird looks in return).

Man and Woman talking

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13.  Nothing going on around you is as fascinating as what’s going on in your favorite book.

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14. You always have to check out the book section while shopping in a supermarket, even if you are not going to buy any.


15. You feel bad when you run ut of books by your favorite author.

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16. You don’t know how to respond to the “What is your favorite book?” question because there are so many.


Also check out these reasons why you should read Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi’s Americanah.

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